About Clare Sr.

Hello and welcome again to Clare Sr. Tree Services. We’re glad that you’ve come to visit this site. On this page, we’d like to provide you some background information about how this company started. As a family run business, our history isĀ important to us and our values, so we want to make sure that you are aware of them too.


This company started many moons ago in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Our great grandfather, Clare Fichet, came here from France with not much in his pocket. He found a home here in the frozen lands of Wisconsin and started as most do in this state: working with the dairy farmers. His original job was to help build barns that would keep the cows warm during the winter.

In building these barns, he dealt a lot with wood. Every few weeks, he would go up north to oversee some large wood shipments back to Madison. Through this, he became familiar with felling trees. Coming back to Madison, he started to also clear land for more barn construction. This resulted in him specializing in tree clearing for these barns.

Soon, he realized that his specialty was becoming needed in areas other than just barn construction. Local contractors started getting ahold of him to clear trees for new houses that were being put in on properties.

Seeing the opportunity to seize the American Dream, he took out a small loan and started this tree service. Originally Fichet Services, we renamed it in honor of him.